Keys: analogue mono synths

Keys: analogue mono synths

They may only play one note at a time, but the last decade has been a renaissance time for analogue mono synths, and for good reason. Here's a few of them.

[Arturia Microbrute | Korg VolcaKeys | Moog SubPhatty | Novation BassStation 2 | MFB NanoZwerg]

Arturia MicroBrute - content to follow

Artutria Microbrute
Arturia's second analogue synth, the MicroBrute followed the MiniBrute. Small, cost-effective, well-connected and a lot of fun, with the mini patchbay being an especially nice touch.

Korg Volca Keys - content to follow

Korg Volca Keys
Korg really tested the water for the analogue revival: Monotrons begat Monotribe, Monotribe begat the Volcas, and now there are the *logues... Where will it end?

Moog Sub Phatty - content to follow

Moog SubPhatty
This is a genuine Moog!

Novation BassStation2 - content to follow

Novation BassStation II
Successor to the original BassStation, and the BassStation racks, this is a great all-rounder which does an awful lot more than just bass.

MFB NanoZwerg - content to follow

MFB NanoZwerg
A bit like the guard-rabbit in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, this looks small and cute, but it could just bite your head off. Be careful!