Keys: analogue polysynths

Analogue Polysynths

This definition of 'Analogue PolySynths' may be a little liberal compared to some. I am referring to any synth which is capable of polyphony (more than two note pitches played independently) where the sound of the oscillators is routed through analogue filters.

The Cheetah MS6 and DSI Prophet08 use digitally-controlled analogue oscillators; the Korg EX-800 uses square waves generated from DCOs; and the Ensoniq SQ80 uses very short samples to output traditional sawtooth and square waves, as well as a range of other waveforms. In all cases, they are passed through analogue filters. The EX-800's use of a single filter for all of the oscillators makes it paraphonic.

Ensoniq SQ80

Ensoniq SQ80
Successor to the ESQ1, arguably the first workstation? Undoubtedly a great synth.

Korg EX-800

Korg EX-800
Korg DCOs and a single filter

DSI Prophet 08 - content to follow

DSI Prophet08
An affordable Prophet.

Cheetah MS6 - content to follow

Cheetah MS6
The UK's Matrix 1000? Well, maybe.